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By Luka Stanovnik

Renovation of Apartment in Bled

On 10, Sep 2015 | In Blog | By Luka Stanovnik

Besides being focused and putting a lot of effort into accomplishing all the goals and projects with Bright Visuals, there was one particular passionate project that stood out for me in 2015. In summer Nika and I renovated this apartment in Bled which is located in a very quiet area, not far from the lake.

Nika’s grandmother lived here before moving to a nursing home in 2009. Since then the flat has been empty and was just waiting for us to take a brave decision and for the right moment for it to take shape.

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We had to remove loads of stuff that had been kept there for years and decide which pieces to keep. For instance, we have used the wardrobe, which originates from the 1950s and had lain in the garage for 30 years, as a minibar in the living room. The famous Rex chair by Niko Kralj – I found this one thrown away 10 years ago and it finally got a place it deserves here.



With a lot of help from our friends and families, we tackled the mould, totally dismantled the kitchen into small pieces and put it back together again. We also knocked down a wall to make the living space bigger. It took only a month for the flat to finally get the desired look and to start serving its purpose – it is a perfect getaway for us and a welcoming place for visitors and our friends from all around the world.


At this point we’d like to thank everyone who helped us make our vision a reality in an extremely short time: Anton Koncilja, Jana Koncilja, Marta Stanovnik, Drago Stanovnik, Luka Novak, Žiga Lukša, Nika Čater, Toni Stanovnik, Janez Stanovnik, Jan Bertoncelj, Zala Kavčič, Andraz Brejc & everybody else.

Being in the film/video industry I really enjoy working on different projects with different people and at different locations every day. However, even though video can carry an important message, or even change the world’s direction, video itself is still intangible. One thing that I always convey when talking to my friends in the fields of architecture, product & industrial design, is the feeling of happiness when you bring a tangible result to life. It just feels so good to touch it, feel it, live (in) it. With this project Nika and I got that joy – and it feels great.