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By Luka Stanovnik


On 18, Nov 2015 | In Blog | By Luka Stanovnik

Philippines were our first surf trip to Aisa and although I’ve been to Japan for snowboarding in 2012 and had some expectations, it turned out completely different.


Actually this a great place to start exploring Asia because the culture/food shock is not that big. Philippines had been under Spanish government till Philippine-American wars around 1900. After, they were controlled by US by 1930s when they became an independent country. Beside that, they are also in a way close to Australia and Japan which at the end means a genuine mix of influences from all around the world.


My friend Ignasi (originally from Barcelona) moved to Manila two years ago. He adapted well to the surroundings, opened a company there and welcomed us in style. He also took us to pretty much every hidden bar in town. Because all these little powerful things and great hospitality we started to call him the King of Manilla.


The country consists of 7500+ islands of which about 2000 are inhabited. In fact we visited 5 only (Luzon, Siargao, Cebu, Bohol, Daco, Guyam), but we all believe we picked the right places and perfectly spent the month.

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The funny thing is that they sell gasoline in Coke bottles and you can also get the original Red Bull (from before it was cool) in stores.

DSCF6613 DSCF6661 DSCF7024 DSCF6265

Island hoping is also one of the things you should try – just gather your friends, grab some drinks, visit different uninhabited islands and eat great food all day long.

DSCF6669DSCF6704IMG_3455DSCF6743 DSCF6795 DSCF7109

Every Sunday there are traditional cock fights and it is a bloody game, I’d say even bloodier than UFC.

IMG_3592DSCF7321 DSCF7264DSCF7305DSCF7142It was a great trip with lots of new experiences and we are definitely coming back in the future. At the end of all – we still have large number of the islands there to explore.