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By Luka Stanovnik

How to enhance a boring day?

On 06, Jun 2013 | In Blog | By Luka Stanovnik

I believe you for sure have experienced one of those days, when you don’t get enough sleep the night before and then you have to work all day long dealing with not that fun stuff (for me it was paper work related to opening a new company).

photo (15)

That was yesterday. In the afternoon even the weather  in Ljubljana went mad and it become super shitty, rainy and cold and we had a big lack of creativity and inspiration and we still needed to work on a script for the new documentary… How to solve such a problem? Not much to say, but a trip to the seaside saved a day :D!

IMG_2242IMG_2240IMG_2243IMG_2241We wrote a nice part of script and even did some location scouting for future projects, and what is the most important – tweaked  the system and had a really good instead of a boring day :D.IMG_2239IMG_2237IMG_2238