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By Luka Stanovnik

Go Skateboarding Day LA with Brain Farm and P-Rod

On 22, Jun 2014 | In Blog | By Luka Stanovnik

Today everything started quite normal with a lazy afternoon picnic in park but then it turned out awesome. Actually it was pretty “dream come true” as we ended up on a Brain Farm set together with P-Rod and probably thousand of other skateboarders. They were filming one of the scenes for the new #brainfarmskate movie over at the famous 6th street bridge in downtown LA.


Technical-wise they brought everything. Drones, Movis, twelve meter-long-lensed-REDs, another five REDs for behind the scenes and two Shotover cameras for main angles one on a van and the other one on a helicopter.

LUKA9708 LUKA9833 LUKA9959 LUKA9997

The director of the new #brainfarmskate movie and biggest boss in the skateboarding cinematography, Ty Evans. Curt Morgan hired him to take over the skateboarding part of the company.

LUKA9825 LUKA9844 LUKA9849 LUKA9767

We actually met P-Rod in Barcelona three years ago, so it was super good to see him again haha.

LUKA9852 LUKA9857 LUKA9775 LUKA9885 LUKA9909 LUKA9791 LUKA9820LUKA9976 LUKA9953

Last but not least, check the little behind the scenes video we shot with our iPhones.