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By Luka Stanovnik

F*** that was a great summer

On 20, Oct 2013 | In Blog | By Luka Stanovnik

I have just returned back from Portugal and just can’t stop thinking of how amazing this summer was.  Be careful – I will try to be short but since so many incredible stories went on,  this blogpost will be a bit longer than usually hahaha.



The beginning of the summer was quite boring… We were executing some random projects so I had no big plans to go around. Most of what I could afford was few drinking sessions in Ljubljana. That Friday I was working in the office till 1AM and then my friend Mitja Žagar (founder of Odpiralni Časi) calls me if I am down for a beer… At the end we had a drink in every bar on Metelkova and woke up super wasted on Saturday morning, got some other friends on board and drive down to the Croatia.

We went to another party there woke up on the grass on the parking spot in front of the club and then rent a boat on Sunday, did some wakeboarding and had the best time ever. Its just too good when randomness turns into epicness :D


That motivated me to get a boat driving license so I called my friends from Navtični Tečaji and passed the exams for boat license and VHF radio communication in less than two weeks. Now I could officially drive big boats despite I have no clue how – you can get all this stuff only by passing theoretical exams here in Slovenia :D.



We organised a workshop  as a part of Lent festival in Maribor. Despite everything was out public only few days before beginning, we had more than 15 attendees. Everybody shot his own promotional video of the festival and at the end we made official one out of the best footage we all got.

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

The most important feedback we got is that we were really open to share the knowledge and to help others, which as they said is quite rare nowadays, especially if workshops are free of charge. What I learned out of  it is “The more you give, the more returns back to you.” In the next two days after the workshop, 3 awesome things happened to me:

  • Drago Mlakar, ex-copywriter at Pristop and few other agencies called me and offered us help facing future projects and dealing with agencies
  • Luka Tišler, editor and compositor at Lalaland (post production company for Hi-Budget Commercials) called us and wanted to exchange knowledge
  • Matevž Petek (founder of Povio) called me and asked if I want to film some random guy training for the Olympics




Rok and me drove up there on Dachstein without having a clue what to expect. But that guy is nothing else than a hero. Paul Bragiel is one of the founders of the IO Ventures investment company in Silicon Valley and one of the guys that are the most linked in the startup scene there. He also has incredible network (his best buddies are the founders of Paypal, or Youtube or Myspace or BitTorrent). However his latest project has nothing to do with IT or startup scene – despite he has not been doing sports for 10 years he wants to attend the Olympics. Check this video:


We did some filming (expect episodes soon), did some photos and we also brought Paul to Ljubljana to meet all of the people from Slovenian startup scene.







Earlier  I was contacted by Izidor Flajšman, to participate as a Media Coach at Startup Weekend Ljubljana. Then I also helped with the after movie which was edited by Jure Dostal. That was as well an awesome experience, so many passionate people and ideas that blown my mind away. And also a place for networking that can hardly be imagined better.




Gal planned this surf trip for a while, and despite I didn’t really believe him we made it. It was a perfect chance to get some good footage for documentary we are working on, to chill a bit and do some surfing. Its incredible to see a bunch of guys with disabilities training and living live way harder than most of the people I know. Beside that I usually behave a bit disabled (ask my friends) so it was a perfect fit for me to hang around with those rockstars. I love them all Ignasi, Albert, Jesper, Jordi, Gal of course… such a bosses!

photo 4photo 3

photo 5 photo 1photo 3
photo 4Processed with VSCOcam with s5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset




Last year I sneaked in to one of the parties of the Swedish company called The Yacht Week in Vanilla in Split and I fall in love. All I knew was that I want to participate at this week-long event once in my life. So I contacted my good friend Gašper Zupančič, who is one of the Lead Skippers there, to hook me up with some emails. We wrote a really polite message of how we love the story of TYW and showed him our work. That email went all around their company, to the owners and all the media guys, so we set down for a week of filming in Croatia this summer. We also got the guys from on board so it was a perfect mixture.

Actually we knew its gonna be hard but wait … –  was one f***** hell of a party – to prove you –  you can read a 3 page article of complaining in Slobodna Dalmacija newspaper here (guys who don’t speak Croatian use google translate :D)

vscocam_1376983610.970661.IMG_3590 vscocam_1376933152.230348.IMG_3573vscocam_1376913452.494524.IMG_3543 vscocam_1376845617.670512.IMG_3533 vscocam_1376831605.262129.IMG_3528 vscocam_1376825973.649490.IMG_3519 vscocam_1376823696.661006.IMG_3498 vscocam_1376768608.686420.24 vscocam_1377337424.460728.IMG_3665vscocam_1377001900.079160.IMG_3611vscocam_1377020704.598269.IMG_3622

Anyways we again met tons of awesome people and we are already talking to film The Ski Week in March :D




Only a day after the TYW a huge slap in my face made me sober. I had probably the hardest and fastest detoxication ever,  since we needed to climb up the highest mountain of ex-Yugoslavia, with the full equipment to film at TEDxTriglav. Luckily guys from were down to execute this project together so it made everything way easier and safe as they spend most of their life in mountains.


vscocam_1377861147.941603.IMG_3819 vscocam_1377840925.838060.IMG_3809




A month of Portugal was a perfect banger for the end of this summer. Urh and Kostja from Surf2Smile contacted us if we are down to film some promotional video for them. So many good things happend in a month: beautiful places and people, more sunrises than I had seen before in my entire life (counting in the ones I saw super drunk), we cought in some sessions with professional surfers, we had again the team onboard, got to party in Lisbon a couple of times, went to Paris in-between to film a video with Romain I met in Fuertaventura before, met Ignasi Vegas, the warrior from Fuerta 3 times….

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Thinking back now…. All I want is that this madness continues… Aaaaaah want it to last longer,… Or forever… Whatever.